Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Make it or Break it Review:

Make it or Break it is a popular TV show which follows the lives of 4 elite gymnasts named Payson, Kaylie, Lauren and Emily. The series is aimed at teenagers showing them what it is like to be a serious athlete as well as teaching good lessons that teenagers can relate to in everyday life. Many parents call it inapropriate because of some of the mild language, sexual references and alcohol although it teaches good values and is quite inspirational for many girls around the age of 12 and up. Although it is considered not appropriate I throughly enjoy this show and watch it every week. I am a fan of gymnastics so I can definitly relate to it.
When the show aired on June 22nd 2009 it was an instant hit having over 2.5 million viewers. So far they have made 2 seasons with a 3rd one in the making. The show’s concept, which was created by Holly Sorenson, is very unique and teaches young women to chase their dream and strive to achieve their goals. The actors also portray their characters very well. It is not only inspirational but also dramatic, informative, funny and packed with amazing gymnastics skills.


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  2. Much better. Good stuff. What channel does this air on?

  3. Channel 2, but the season just finished.