Monday, 24 October 2011

If I was in charge of the school.

If I was in charge of our school I would replace Module and Tutor time with a different class. All students will get a free period and an option class instead. Most of the time not many people like their module/tutor class so the should have a different class that they enjoy. Then there would be less students wagging school as well.

Another change I would make is to the uniform. I would make it more comfortable. Currently our uniform and P.E gear is made from itchy material that is not pleasant to wear. I would make the P.E shorts made from a stretchier athletic fabric. As well as making the skirt softer. Then students would be more comfortable at school.

I would also use extra school funds to give away free ice blocks in the summer and free hot chocolate in winter. This will benefit students because some don’t eat while they are at school so free snacks will give them a boost and make them more willing to learn.

Finally I would organise activities and more things to do at lunch times as well as making them longer. 30 minutes isn’t enough time for breaks and there should be more things to do such as a computer room where no websites are blocked or sports games. That would make breaktimes more fun. If I was in charge I would make these changes to make school a more enjoyable place.


  1. Good ideas, I wouldn't mind free ice blocks or hot chocolates!
    Go back and put spaces in for the paragraphs and check your sentence starters for example "there should be more things to do. Such as a computer room where no" should be one sentence, not two.

  2. I am still waiting for you to fix this up.