Tuesday, 24 April 2012


Sorry it's kinda late. I was away all holidays. Term 1 was alright. Thankfully it went quite fast. Our first term of being year 10s was actually different than I thought it would be. I found it to be quite similar to year 9 although we are a lot more settled in now than we were last year. Some things are still quite repetitive like doing reflections but it’s quite fun having more options and knowing how the school works. I think some of my favourite things this term were having Jordan from Attitude come in and talk to us again. He’s really funny and we get to miss class which is always good. Also I’m really enjoying enterprise. It’s different to any other class and I enjoy the work. Something I don’t really like is Spanish. I chose it for my option because I was good at it last year but I have found that this year it is really boring and repetitive. I find it hard to pay attention and I would of rather done something like Graphics. This year has also been interesting because we have a new tutor teacher and classroom. At first the new teacher wasn’t too popular because she wouldn’t let us have phones or iPods out but I think we are getting used to her. Also we won the Athletics day at the start of the term which everyone in Auaha was quite pleased about including our new Whanau leader, Mr Richardson. Overall it has been a good term and I am looking forward to a good year at A.C.

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