Monday, 28 November 2011

Survival Guide (yay I found my password)

To all the year 8s that come to our school next year:
Well at the start of the year AC will seem very different to intermediate school but you will get used to it. It is not as scary as it seems. On the first few days of Term 1 you will be in your tutor class so don’t bother bringing books yet. Your tutor is a class you will have 3 times a week with people in your house. It helps you connect with people and make friends. After a few days you will feel more comfortable and begin you normal classes. You will be put in a year 9 class and given your timetable. After the first week you will get more familiar with AC and how it works. You’ll find out that it is not a scary as it may seem.
Once you have settled into your new class you will get more homework and instead of being in one classroom like at intermediate you will have lots of different classes. The homework you get might be harder and there is more of it but it is easy. If you don’t hand in your assessments you will most likely get an ROL which is basically detention. So make sure to finish your school work on time but don’t worry because you can write it down in your diary. Each student will get a Whanau coloured diary which you can write reminders in. It is also where teachers can give you commendations and excuse you from class so make sure to hold onto it.
Also when you come to AC you will be put into a whanau/house. Either Auaha (best house) Kaitataki, Tirohanga, Kaitoro or Whainga. Whanau are very competitive at Alfriston so you want to get as many points as you can by receiving commendations and participating in interwhanau competitions. Just because you are year 9 doesn’t mean you can’t compete in sports and activities. Do your best and try out for teams and participate. It’s really fun. Also remember to follow the school rules and wear the correct uniform. AC is pretty strict on uniform so be sure to wear what you are supposed to. High school is not as scary as it sounds. It is actually really interesting with more opportunities so just have fun.

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  1. Good advice - glad to see you have figured out your password!