Tuesday, 14 February 2012

My holidays

My holidays were really fun. I mostly did things with my friends as well as going to cheerleading trainings and going to Papamoa. Since we were stopping cheerleading practice for the Christmas break we decided to all go to the beach for an end of year thing. We went biscuiting and on the boat. It was really fun. After having an awesome Christmas, my family and friend's family went to Papamoa for a holiday. The weather was really good and we went swimming and tanning a lot. Surprisingly I never got sunburnt.

After I got back I spent the rest of the holidays with my mates. We did lots of fun things like swimming, taking photos, going shopping, relaxing, movies and sleepovers. After lots of late nights and sleeping all day, we had cheerleading trials. It was quite strange training again after a lot of relaxing but I got into the cheer team I was hoping to get in. We are now practising our routine for when we compete in Hawaii. I also went to Splurge, laser tag, the beach and more. My holidays were amazing :)


  1. Sounds like you had a great holiday!
    When are you going to Hawaii? Are you on like a NZ cheer leading team?
    I was down at Papamoa for Christmas day :)
    I like the photo - the guy on the end is a bit random since he's the only one.
    Thanks for completing your home learning.

  2. Were going in April. Oh awesome haha he's our coach :)