Tuesday, 13 March 2012


So if you're on Facebook then you will probably know who Joseph Kony is and why he is all of a sudden famous. For those who don't know, Kony is the leader of guerrilla group the LRA or Lord's Resistance Army. He says he is the spokesperson of God. He also believes in Polygamy and is said to have had over 80 wives. Initially the group had lots of support but then the LRA turned on the supporters and attempted to make Uganda into a theocracy. Kony abducts children and turns them into child soldiers and sex slaves. The LRA has about 66,000 child soldiers now. The LRA operates in Uganda, Sudan, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Central African Republic. Because of his crimes he is first on the International Criminal Court's list of the world's worst criminals.

Until a short time ago few people had even heard of Kony. A video called 'Kony 2012' made by Invisible Children Inc. was put on the internet on March 12th and went viral. It now has over 74 million views. The video informed everyone on who Kony is and the terrible things he does. Invisible Children Inc. sell action packs, bracelets and posters to bring awareness to Kony and help him known so he can be arrested. Also many celebrities have become involved with the campaign. Because no one knows who he is the American government don't think he is worth looking for.

Even though everyone has only just heard about Kony he has been around since 1986. Since then around 2 million people have been internally displaced. Kony has many times proposed peace and then attacked again to maintain his power. The LRA is constantly getting bigger. Because of 9/11 the American government consider the LRA a terrorist group. Kony is very religious and says he is fighting for the Ten Commandments. He thinks he is doing good while others consider him to be the devil. Because of the Kony 2012 video there is now a higher chance of him being arrested for all of crimes.

Kony 2012 video

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  1. Well written, you need to put in a bibliography to show where you sourced your info from.