Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Sweet Little Lies Book Review

The book I'm currently reading is called Sweet Little Lies by reality show star Lauren Conrad. Although I have not finished the book I am currently enjoying it and eager for more. The book is the second of the series and is about 2 girls that have moved to Los Angeles and are on a reality show called L.A Candy.
It isn't an extremely long book but it's still quite interesting and so far a good read.

In the book the main characters are Jane Roberts and Scarlett Harp and it shows the readers that fame isn't always fun and there are consequences. Especially when nothing stays secret for long. It explains in detail what reality shows are really like. Lauren Conrad, once the star of popular Tv show 'The Hills', is now one of the New York Times bestselling authors and she does a great job writing this entertaining novel about Hollywood. Sweet Little Lies is the second book so if you are interested you will want to firstly read L.A Candy- the first book of the series. I am yet to read the final book (Sugar and Spice) but it will no doubt but just as great as the first 2.

Even though this book involves drinking, drug use, sexual references, backstabbing friends and swearing I still think it is a good book to read. It mostly appeals to teenage girls maybe even younger. For some it may not be appropriate but if you look past those things it does teach some good lessons. It is a guilty pleasure book that is full of fun details and scandalous drama. I think it is a worthwhile book to read.
Rating 4/5 :)

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